Why a blog?

If it takes a great team to build a great company … (which is does) … and if the single largest operating expense for most startup companies is labor …(which it is) … then effectively identifying, recruiting, hiring, empowering, compensating, motivating and managing the right individuals becomes a top priority.   Few will disagree; however, emerging growth companies are pressed for time and resources.  There are few venues for discussing best practices and lessons-learned on the HR front for what I contend is a unique and particular type of company … the venture capital backed startup.   Likewise, if you are a career professional with a strong bias for venture-stage companies … which I believe is a sizable audience … there are few venues for gleaning insights and comparing notes on employment in this unique environment.  Everything from what’s it really like to work at a particular company, the nuances of compensation and stock options, how to pick a winner, is this lifestyle for you, tips on work/life balance, insights from the trenches, etc.   Our goal for this blog is to provide a robust venue for frank insights and meaningful discussion.  In the coming weeks, you will hear from multiple perspectives within the venture backed company ecosystem – CEOs and executives, venture investors, HR specialists, recent hires, lawyers, bankers, search professionals, and more.  Have something to contribute?  Drop a note to blog@startuphire.com

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