Daily E-mail Alerts

StartUpHire users can now subscribe to daily e-mail alerts to be notified of new jobs matching a defined search criteria.  While weekly alerts have been available for some time and are hugely popular, the resounding request was for a daily delivery option.  Fret no more – as of today, you can now wake up to a list of the most recent job openings matching your definition of ideal opportunity!!  You’ll have up to a week’s jump on those who wait for Tuesday delivery of the weekly e-mail alerts.   There are a few important differences.  First, the daily e-mail is abbreviated and contains only new jobs posted in the prior 24 hours.  It does not include a recap of best-fit matches from prior weeks.   Second, if no new jobs matching your search criteria are posted, you will not receive an e-mail.   So… you get a daily e-mail of just the new jobs matching your designated criteria which only arrives when there are jobs matching your criteria.  Simple enough…


You can elect to receive multiple e-mail alerts in any combination of daily or weekly.  To configure an email alert, simply perform a Job Search then click ‘E-mail Alert’ in the tools palette in the upper left.  Give it a name, select Daily or Weekly, and you’re all set.  E-mail alert settings can be managed from the Search Agents tab.  So get going and configure one or more StartUpHire e-mail alerts to put things on auto-pilot.  There is no better way to keep a pulse on opportunity at emerging growth companies!