Open Source Software – the 12th man!

Any technology based startup has to face some hard choices when beginning to build their product.  StartUpHire is no different.  When we set out to build the best job site for emerging growth companies, we decided to tap the world of Open Source software to both control costs and to leverage our development team – the proverbial 12th man to borrow a commonly used term for supportive fans at professional football and soccer matches.

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The foundation of our site is the Ubuntu server.  Our servers currently run Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 Long Term Support server.  On top of that we’re running the Apache web server, our pages are built using the PHP scripting language, and the database is MySQL.  We’ve definitely been impressed with the speed of development and stability of the LAMP software stack.  We work hard to hide it, but there’s some complicated stuff going on when you search for a job.  So far we’ve not had a problem we couldn’t solve quickly and easily with Open Source software.

Of course, what would a modern web site be without a bit of AJAX magic; for that we rely on jQuery for our client side scripting.  If something changes on the page without a page reload, it’s jQuery doing the heavy lifting.  It also helps to have a good tool to keep all your code straight.  Our thanks to the authors of SVN for that.  The blog you’re reading is built on WordPress.  Simple to set up, straightforward to modify and with just enough bells and whistles for what we need.

The best part of all these tools:  no licensing fees, great stability, and frequent improvements.

The development team employs Apple machines for their code editing work, with a healthy mix of editors in use: TextMate, TextWrangler, and vim (yeah, we find that curious too.)

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