Launching Version 3.0

In addition to launching our blog, yesterday afternoon we launched version 3.0 of our site, and with it, several new features.

The first thing you will notice is the new ‘country’ selection box in the job search bar—yes, that’s right, we now support job postings in countries outside the US. We think this is a great feature considering the countless startups that are formed all around the world, and the numerous inbound requests we’ve had from around the globe. Out of the gate, we support an additional 15 countries with the highest concentrations of startup activity, and we’ll continue to expand this list as time goes on.

Second, we’ve completely rewritten the job search function from top to bottom. Not only will our new search engine generate results more quickly, but everything will be more relevant. This improves both search results on the site and the content of your emails alerts, for those who subscribe—if you don’t yet subscribe, our email alerts are the best way to be the first to learn of new jobs matching your unique criteria. Give it a try – simply perform a search and select ‘email alert’ in the upper left.

We hope you enjoy the new features, and feel free to test the site. If you break anything (like we did with the regional Twitter feeds), just drop us a note—we’ve got a team dedicated to quickly fixing anything that comes up.

In the coming months, we’ll be working on some more cool stuff for you. I don’t want to give out too many secrets now, but stay tuned…

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