The Power of Passion

Eileen Gittens at has a great article about how entrepreneurs should look for passion in what they do:

Most people think about their jobs as the thing they do, instead of the thing they get to do. When you can build a culture where people feel privileged instead of entitled, that’s magic. And that’s what the best Silicon Valley companies do: They tap into the power of personal passion.

Gittens is right—startup companies provide some of the most rewarding work on the planet, driven by passionate teams bent on improving the way we work, live, or play.

While the focus of Gittens’ article is on the entrepreneurs themselves, the same applies to professionals who work (or desire to work) at rapidly growing startups.

First do something you love, and second, look for passion and excitement when evaluating new employment opportunities.
Hitch your wagon to a company with passionate employers and founders.  It’s a very good indicator of company culture, how much fun you will have, and the probability of company success.

On the flip side, the best companies look to hire passionate people.  Passion and excitement for your work are contagious.
When you interview, listen for the story, the elevator pitch, the history and mission of the startup.  If you hear a consistent and exciting story, there is something there.  If inconsistent, confusing, or it lacks energy, you’ll want to move on.

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