Watch this Space: Re-introducing our Blog to the world

We started out with the best intentions: create a blog, where we would foster a discussion about hiring at startup companies from all different perspectives, and compare notes about what life is really like at startups —everything from “the nuances of compensation and stock options, how to pick a winner, is this lifestyle for you, tips on work/life balance, insights from the trenches, etc.”

We had ideas, and interviews, and all sorts of stuff planned—and then it dropped off.

It’s now time to fix that. Starting today, we’re going to make a serious push to become a source for all things startup. As you already got a preview of earlier today (check that out here), we’ve got a bunch of stuff planned for the summer and beyond, like:

  • “Summer of Startups,” a series profiling startup companies and what it’s like to work there.
  • Different perspectives from CEOs and executives, to venture investors, right down to recently hired employees, on what it’s like to live and work the startup life, including the hiring process.
  • The best resources around the internet on finding a job, interview guidance, etc. as it applies to startups
  • Some of that discussion and informed opinion stuff we were talking about when we first launched our blog.

We think this is one of the most interesting times to be working at, or considering working for a startup, (go watch the live stream of TechCrunch Disrupt—you’ll get an idea of why) but we still don’t see a really great resource for information on what it’s really like to work at one of these exciting companies, and how to identify the most promising startup employment opportunities.

That’s what we’ll try to provide over the coming weeks and months. We hope you stay tuned.

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