Hiring programmers in Boston vs. New York vs. Palo Alto

Is it easier to hire programming talent in Boston than in New York or Palo Alto?

Taking the data for the just finished Entrepreneur’s Census [conducted by the Yale School of Management], the answer is apparently yes—the average time to fill a job opening for programming talent is less in Boston than it is in both New York and Palo Alto. Healy Jones at Startable.com created this chart to break it down:

“Two thirds of startups in Boston were able to fill open positions in under three months – verses about half in Palo Alto and 63% in New York City.”

Does this simply reflect an increased level of startup activity in Palo Alto and thus increased competition to fill those open positions?  Perhaps.

Not only is it harder to find programming talent in the Bay Area, but employers also pay substantially more in that geography.  28% percent of programmers in Palo Alto are paid more than $110k.

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