Summer of Startups: Conductor

Today’s Summer of Startup’s company, Conductor Inc, maintains one of the best client lists we’ve seen, from the likes of Netflix and Jockey, to Progressive and Marriott. Conductor Inc LogoThey’re SEO experts, meaning you probably know their work from searching without even having heard of them. But what I found most interesting is that they do some great things to help out the community at the same time as helping the work life balance at their company. Read on to find out more:

Can you share the company’s elevator pitch with us?

Conductor empowers marketers to take control of their natural search strategies.

How did the company get started?  Who had the idea? Was there an “A Ha!” moment?

The “A ha!” moment came when our co-founders, Seth Besmertnik and Jeremy Duboys, realized the vastly unutilized opportunity in natural search. 90% of total search clicks occur in the natural search space, yet marketers are primarily investing their resources and budgets in paid search

Tell us about your funding history.

Our funding story begins with 2 founders with a bank loan and ends with a company of 60 receiving $10M in venture backed Series B funding during one of the most turbulent economic times in U.S. history in over 30 years.

How many employees do you have?


Where are they based?

The Gramercy District in NYC

How would you describe work life at the company?

At Conductor, we’re passionate about providing the best solutions for our customers. This responsibility sits on the shoulder of each member on our team – and we value each Conductor greatly. We are focused on the results – not the path. We are transparent and willing to take chances. We keep our performance streaming on the walls, there are no executive offices or walled cubes, we learn from our mistakes and celebrate our wins – and most importantly, we are committed to constantly learning, improving and getting better every day. We thrive off feedback and take pride in speaking our minds. We are focused on success and building a legacy technology company in New York City that makes a difference in the world.

For which roles or functions are you hiring?

Technology, Customer Success and Sales and Marketing

What do you look for in potential employees?

Intelligent, altruistic collaborative personalities who face their challenges with innovative solutions

What’s the one thing you would like readers to remember about the company?

Conductor is an award winning, technology company committed to provide an innovative environment by fostering employee collaboration, development and wellness. If you are interested working with a group of highly motivated people dedicated to evolve search marketing technology – we would like to speak with you.

Does your company participate in any community service initiatives through financial means or volunteer time?

As a company, Conductor is proud to lend financial support to a number of community services and organizations, but when it comes to community involvement; our people truly make the difference. Through the relationships that bloom between our employees and community organizations, we can really see the impact of our commitment. By encouraging a positive, passionate spirit of involvement and working together as a team, we at Conductor strive to make a real difference in the world in which we live and work.

Please briefly describe any programs or practices in your organization that promote a healthy work/life balance:

Conductor employees like to work hard and play hard. To foster team work in the office and well as outside of the office we sponsor a sports team each season,  Winter, indoor soccer, Softball for spring/summer and kickball for the fall.   For those who like to play without getting dirty we have a Wii in the office where you can test your gaming skills and let your inner rock star shine.

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