Summer of Startups: Damballa

It’s Monday, and that means its time for another Summer of Startups profile. Today, we have a company called Damballa who specialize in–well, we’ll just let them tell you:

Elevator Pitch:
Damballa provides zero day detection of remote control attacks on enterprise networks, then eliminates the threat by terminating the malicious command-and-control communications. By rapidly isolating the threat and providing detailed forensics, Damballa enables enterprise incident response teams to prioritize and coordinate remediation efforts.

How We Got Started:
Damballa’s founders were researching botnets at the Georgia Tech Information Security Center, when they discovered new methods for identifying and eavesdropping on command-and-control infrastructure. We thought, “imagine what you could do if you knew where all the bots are and when they were rallying for an attack”. That original concept later evolved into a multi-perspective suite of technologies for examining remotely controlled networks and the infrastructure used to manage and update them.

Funding History:
Damballa is backed by veteran venture capitalists, including Interwest Partners, Noro-Moseley Partners, Palomar Ventures, and Sigma+ Partners.

Employees and Location:
Damballa is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and most of our employees are based in Atlanta.

Work Life:
Working at Damballa requires high levels of collaboration and an appetite for rising to new challenges every day. We’re a young company, so we have to remain nimble and responsive to our customers’ needs and how the threats facing them are evolving. Where some companies come out with one product update every few years, Damballa comes out with product updates a few times each year.

We’re hiring/What do we look for:
We’re always on the lookout for great software engineers and information security researchers. These roles are the core of our company and the engine behind the innovation that allows us to solve the problems we solve for our customers. If you can design a data storage schema in the morning, converse about computer science theory over lunch, and sling code in the afternoon, this is your kind of company.

Advice for folks new to startups:
Start-ups don’t have much of the infrastructure you may be used to if you come from a larger company. You may find yourself making the coffee, backing up your own computer, fixing your own printer, and installing your own development servers. If you’re a software engineer, you need to be almost as good at system administration as you are at writing software. The flip side is, everything you do makes a difference and things happen very quickly.

One thing to remember about the company:
Damballa is a beacon of opportunity in the Atlanta employment market.

Sounds great huh? Want to work there? Here are three openings they have right now:

Principal Systems Engineer

Senior Systems Engineer

Senior Rails Engineer

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