Summer of Startups: FieldView Solutions

Our second Summer of Startups profile company is FieldView Solutions. While they cater to a very specific market–I’m looking at you, Data Center Administrators–it’s still great to learn about what they’re all about:

FieldView Solutions
Can you share the company’s elevator pitch with us?

FieldView Solutions helps the managers of today’s complex, mission-critical data centers run their facilities at optimal efficiency. Because the platform supplies real-time information about energy usage, available space, temperature and pressure, it helps IT people, facilities managers and C level executives make better decisions, faster.

How did the company get started? Who had the idea? Was there an “A Ha!” moment?

The FieldView platform was developed with the input of clients who were dissatisfied with the Data Center Monitoring solutions from which they had to choose. Through that cooperation, the platform was created to specifically meet the real-world needs of those clients, and it became obvious that other clients who were facing similar challenges could benefit as well.

In December, 2009, the intellectual property rights to the platform were acquired, and FieldView Solutions became an independent company.

Some great pictures of life at FieldView Solutions.
Tell us about your funding history.
Our Venture Capital Partners are Osage Partners, SJF Ventures and Milestone Venture Partners.

How many employees do you have? Where are they based?

There are over 25 individuals, consisting of employees and contractors, working at FieldView Solutions. Although all are based out of our Edison, NJ office, our sales staff is primarily on the road or working out of their home offices.

How would you describe work life at the company?

FieldView Solutions fosters a team environment, all working together to get the job done. The days can be long as we feel our way through new processes and procedures but there’s a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie at the end of the day.

For which roles or functions are you hiring?

Currently we are looking to grow our sales and marketing functions.

What do you look for in potential employees?

In a small company it’s important that candidates have the skills and experience required for the position but also want to work in a VC backed environment. They need to display enthusiasm for the job as well as a true team spirit and roll-up-the-sleeves mentality.

Do you have any advice for folks new to startup employment?

People looking for employment with a startup company need to be flexible and, when required wear many hats. In the initial stages it’s not just what you know and how you do your job but how willing you are to pitch in and assist team members in order to propel the company to the next level.

What’s the one thing you would like readers to remember about the company?

If you’re responsible for the management of a data center, get in touch. We can help you run your facility more efficiently, to save money, time and aggravation.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Visit our website at to schedule a live demo of the FieldView platform.