In Review: Social Media Stategies for StartUps

The trend towards the use of social media in marketing and hiring campaigns is no longer just a budding concept. Historically, organizations relied solely on expertise, job boards, and industry contacts to recruit their best hires. Today, however, social media has been widely embraced and has even become a crucial tool in a company’s recruiting strategy. With yesterday’s launch of StartUpHire’s latest social media function, we found ourselves thinking deeper about the potential hidden in social media tools such as this one.

Leveraging Social Media Tools to Recruit Top Talent” enforces how valuable an asset social media truly is:

By following relevant people and igniting conversations, organizations can begin to create a healthy level of influence over their brand – a clear best practices in the social media sphere. Moreover, companies can determine what type of information fuels the jobseekers’ interest by listening to the candidates and then provide that content on their social media platforms.

Companies can search for talent all over the globe to find the right candidates. Job seekers can create their own platform where they can receive direct contact from employers. But most importantly, how can all of this translate into social media strategy that is important and relevant to startups?

Social networks have made it much easier to spread the news about innovative products that come from startups which previously got lost in the shuffle when overshadowed by larger, more established companies, even if the startups provided a far superior product. In the realm of social media, startups are on a more level playing field with any other given company. To successfully leverage these networks, startups simply need to place their innovations in the hands of the correct users. If you are able to find out who needs your product, and why, you can create the most gratifying experience for your users.

If you focus primarily on doing the right thing for your customers, you can effectively use social media to enhance these customer relationships.

Any social media strategies we haven’t touched on? We’d love to hear from you.

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