Bring the Social Media Revolution to Hiring

It’s a simple fact – the best candidates for job openings often come from people you or your coworkers already know. And while a job board (like StartUpHire) is a great place for those who are actively searching, no one really has cracked the inherent social aspect of finding the best candidates for job openings. Until now, that is.

Today, StartUpHire is launching a new social media tool that will allow companies, VCs, and others, to publicize jobs at a company through the social networks they already use, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s like telling everyone in your address book that there are job openings at your company automatically—all it takes is a simple, 2-minute setup, and you’re done.

This is done in two different ways. First, employers can connect StartUpHire to their company’s official social networking accounts. Every time a job is posted on StartUpHire it will automatically be posted on the company’s social networks.

Second, and even more exciting, employers can send a link to their team, or anyone else for that matter, so they can become a “supporter” of that company. This extends the company’s reach further. Using this feature every time a job is posted on the StartUpHire website, the job gets broadcast to all of the friends of the company’s supporters. As an example, a hiring manager could enable StartUpHire to post openings on the manager’s social media accounts. That hiring manager could also pass the link along to their staff and friends, broadening the reach of the posting even further.

By not only leveraging your official business accounts, but also giving employees a simple, hassle-free way of supporting your company by publicizing your job posts, we think we can increase the quality (and quantity) of applicants—just using the social media you already use, all at no extra cost.

If you’re an employer or VC, use this innovative tool by logging into your account on StartUpHire. Simply click the “Employers” tab and head to the social media section, where you will find the links to various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). By turning any of these networks on, you have instantly broadened the network of people who are exposed to the employment opportunities with your company.

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