Summer of Startups: Balihoo

Summer of Startups | Balihoo | Startup JobsWe’ve taken a little time off from our Summer of Startups, but we’re back and better than ever with today’s company: Balihoo, a marketing firm for … well, why don’t you read and find out:

Elevator pitch: Balihoo enables national brands to effectively drive local demand generation through their distributed marketing partners (franchisees or resellers) by empowering local marketers.

Start of company: Balihoo was founded in 2005 to address issues around media fragmentation and local media buying/planning. At the time, we sold our technology into large media and advertising agencies.

In 2008, we transformed significantly, bringing our technology in-house. We added functionality around creative customization and co-operative advertising management and started selling our SaaS and services directly to national brands and their affiliates. We’ve grown 30% every quarter since Q3 2009.

Funding History: VC funded by Lacuna Gap Capital, Highway 12 and OpenView Venture Partners.

Employees: About 50 full-time-employees, all based in Boise, ID

Work/life description: We operate under the work hard/play hard mentality. Since we’re based in Boise, ID, it critical that our employees have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy all of the outdoor pursuits the geography offers them. At the same time, we’re competing with Silicon Valley and NYC start-ups and entrenched competitors, so we have to have the discipline to out-work and (more importantly) out-smart them. More info on Balihoo’s culture.

Currently hiring:

Marketing Manager

Sales Operations Coordinator

Program Manager

Senior Account Executive

What to remember?: Local marketing and advertising is a $130B/year business in the US which is dramatically underserved from a technology perspective. Balihoo brings scale to this market while delivering enterprise-class marketing and advertising tools to the local marketer.

Want to learn more about them? Here’s a cool video tour of their offices:

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