Summer of Startups: PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter is a company whose focus is not too dissimilar from ours: people. And that certainly translates into the life in their company.
1.Can you share the company’s elevator pitch with us?
PeopleMatter is fundamentally changing the way employers and employees interact through our integrated online talent ecosystem that helps companies find, hire, train, schedule, and retain their most important asset: their people.
2. How did the company get started? Who had the idea? Was there an “A Ha!” moment?
PeopleMatter was founded in September 2009. Our founders all worked at a local software company where they realized Human Resource needs for hourly and shift workers were not being met like those for salaried, white collar employees.
The PeopleMatter founders took this “A ha!” revelation and created a “Hire to Retire” plan for the hourly and shift employee space that was currently only being helped by single-task solutions (i.e. just background checks, tax credit processing, etc.). The plan involved developing a full suite of products and solutions, providing a holistic approach to the piece-meal options the space presently had.
PeopleMatter acquired the strategic human resources software company Acadia, located in Columbia, SC, and moved the PeopleMatter headquarters to North Charleston, SC in October 2009.
3. Tell us about your funding history.
PeopleMatter received a $7 million A-Round of funding in late 2009 with Intersouth Partners, Harbert Venture Partners andCroft & Bender LLC as primary investors.
4. How many employees do you have? Where are they based?
We currently have 33 team members and are looking for more! All of our team lives in and around Charleston, SC except for two team members.
5. How would you describe work life at the company?
In a word: FUN! We work with the most talented people in our field who bring energy and creativity to our workplace. We believe you can have fun and still make a difference in the world, and we’re here to prove it.
We hold strong to our Platform of POP (our Core Values) in everything we do. Don’t be alarmed if you find us bowling in tacky wedding attire, firing a Civil War cannon at lunch, sumo wrestling our co-workers in fat suits, or staying at the office until six…only because we’re trying to out-RockBand our Vice President.
We work hard and believe what we are buildinghere at PeopleMatter is truly going to change the way employers and employees interact.
6. For which roles or functions are you hiring?
We’re always looking for people to join our talented and spirited team. We’re currently looking for a Business Analyst, Client Services Consultant, Director of Customer Service, Interaction Designer and an SaaS Operations Administrator. All of our available positions, as well as job descriptions, can be found on the Careers page of our Web site at
7. What do you look for in potential employees?
We look for candidates who are smart and motivated with the POP factor; individuals who add energy, creativity passion, drive and an edge to our dynamic team.
8. Do you have any advice for folks new to startup employment?
Startups are exciting, fast-paced environments; anyone wanting to join a startup needs to be prepared to dive-in headfirst. There’s a degree of uncertainty and constant change, but if you’re willing to accept those aspects, startups offer incredible opportunities for creativity, innovation and rapid career advancement.
9. What’s the one thing you would like readers to remember about the company?
People really DO matter!
10. Is there anything else you would like to share?
Fan us on Facebook to find out what’s going on at PeopleMatter today – it’s always something new! You can also check out our Web site at for an in-depth look at PeopleMatter.

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