Coffee and Donuts Dude/Dudette Needed

Today we are highlighting an out-of-the-box job posting we have on StartUpHire with Rooftop Media, the world’s leading producer of comedy programming and comedic branded entertainment.

Rooftop Media draws their expertise through creative and cost-effective campaigns that provide contemporary comedy to media and advertising outlets. They have an unparalleled connection with comedy from all over the globe, which allows them to hand pick the best comedic routines and deliver custom programming to their clients.

Surely they’d like to keep a few of the funny people for themselves,  according to the description in their latest job opening:

Responsibilities include:

Coming up with funny crap to put on the web
Making a mean cup of coffee. Or knowing where you can buy one
Running errands, being reasonably helpful, or just chilling out around the office
Ability to lift up to 64 ounces

Must prefer “Coffee and Donuts Dude” job title to “Barista”, “Barist-o”, “Beverage Specialist” or “Executive Vice President”.

Think you have the wit to keep up with Rooftop Media? Click here for more information.

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