Fastest Growing Startups of 2010

Because of where we sit as a job board for startup companies, we get a pretty good idea of one thing–how much these companies are hiring. In an economic climate like the one we’re in now, to be hiring is a pretty rare thing–and a great indicator of growth. When we announced our last set of Fastest growing Startups, we said this:

Those of you who visit regularly, or who subscribe to our automated email alerts, know firsthand that there are thousands of job openings at venture backed companies with hundreds more added each week.  One compelling aspect of the venture ecosystem is that certain companies eventually break ahead of the pack.  Identifying these companies is of course a difficult task; however, hitching your career to a rising star can lead to phenomenally positive results – rewarding work, career advancement, endless opportunity, and financial wealth.  While company financial statements provide the optimal guidance here, this data is unavailable to the public and is rarely shared with employees.   Job creation, on the other hand, is directionally available in the form of job postings which provide the best available public proxy for company growth.

All that is still relevant today, and perhaps even more so.

So today, like we did last year, we’re announcing our fastest growing startups in several metro areas, based on the number of job openings in the last quarter.We think that’s the best indicator of growth of a startup company. Check out the companies, ranked in order of the most job postings, below:

In the San Francisco Area: Zynga, Silver Spring Networks, Solyndra, Force10 Networks, Tesla Motors, Twitter, Facebook

In the Boston Area: Acceleron Pharma, PatientKeeper, Communispace, Stratus Technologies, Crossbeam Systems, Acquia, Zipcar

In New York: Gilt Groupe, Liquidnet Holdings, Etsy, ContextWeb, Datran Media, Undertone Networks, Howcast Media

In the DC Area: LogiXML, Plateau Systems, MacroGenics, K2M, Cvent, OPOWER

In the Seattle Area: The Cobalt Group, Parallels,, Varolii Corporation, Redfin, Avalara, WildTangent

In the Philadelphia Area: Vitalize Consulting Solutions, Octagon Research Solutions, Globus Medical, ICG Commerce, Precyse Solutions

In the Austin Area: Bazaarvoice, Gowalla, NetSpend, Mystic Pharmaceuticals, uShip, Convio, LibreDigital, BreakingPoint Systems

In the Atlanta Area: SecureWorks, AllConnect, Suniva, Silverpop Systems, Cypress Care, Air2Web

Based on this, I think we can say that it’s a great time to be working at a startup company. To see available jobs at any of these companies, just click on their names.

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  1. Flash says:

    Insteresting article, but some of those are already in a mature state (i`d not call some of those sratups)

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