Promoting Jobs at Young Companies

Startup America PartnershipThis morning, we announced that StartUpHire now features job openings at Startup America-backed businesses. The Startup America Partnership is part of the White House’s Startup America initiative which advocates for entrepreneurship and emphasizes the role of startups as fuel for America’s economy. Startups participating in the program will have easy access to StartUpHire as a resource to publicize job openings and we will waive the fee for posting new positions. Today, we have over 14,000 jobs in our database from both venture-backed and non venture-backed businesses and more coming every day.

We are supporting this effort with our colleagues at the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) with whom we share a commitment to promoting jobs at startup companies. To learn more about this initiative visit the website.

We hope that through programs like Startup America and others, young companies get the support they need to grow into sizable employers.


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