Are Startups Meritocracies?

Eric Ries has a brilliant essay on the subject of prejudices in Startups. Not just the hiring practices of startups, but the funding of them by VCs. We’re big fans of Eric Ries, and this article is one example of why. He brings scientific principles to startups, and in this case he shines a light on possible reasons for Silicon Valley looking fairly homogenous.

Here at StartUpHire, we think hard about how to make the hiring process for startups better not just for the startups, but for the applicants also. If you read the article, we’re interested in your feedback on how we can improve the color and gender blindness of startups during the hiring process. Please either submit a comment to this article, or use the contact form if you want to keep your feedback private. We’ve got some ideas of our own, but we’d love to hear from you, also.

UPDATE: Eric Ries suggests using resumes that have been scrubbed of indicators of race, gender or age. If you’re a startup and you’d like us to present applicants without indicators of race, gender or age, please contact us. We’d be happy to deliver candidates that way, either through our candidate sourcing service or in response to opportunities posted on our job board.

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