Considering working at a startup?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re interested in working for a startup. It can be a tough decision if you’ve never done it before, and you might be wondering if working at a startup is for you. In the coming weeks we’ll be linking to blog posts from others that may help you answer this question.

First up is Geoff Kratz. He has an interesting blog post wherein he discusses what to expect when working at a startup and touches on the types of startups out there.

Why should you care what Mr. Kratz has to say? He’s worked in both large and small companies, including a few startups, so he’s got the background to have an opinion you might be interested in.

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  1. Dipanjan Biswas says:

    I have two years of IT experience in one of the s/w giants. Presently pursuing different Finance oriented certifications. Looking for joining with Micro-finance/Marketing stratup.

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