Got No Skills? How To Get Hired Anyway

Justin Khan at Techcrunch wrote an article about how to get hired at a startup when you don’t have a proven track record. He presents four avenues for making the move to a startup, and has a number of excellent recommendations to help you on your way. Much of it boils down to putting in the effort to stand out from the crowd; something you’re going to have to come to grips with anyway if you want to work at a startup.

He starts with this important note:
“The risk that each party takes has to be equal. You are taking a risk in tying your career to a startup: the less proven the startup is, the more risk you are taking. The startup is taking a risk by assuming you will be an effective producer: the less direct experience you have, the more risk they are taking. ”

After setting the stage, he moves on to detail ways to make sure there’s parity in the risk taking. Time’s wasting, go read then get started preparing your pitch for a startup!

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