Know Your Audience

The post we’re linking to today is good both for entrepreneurs hiring and for those looking to get hired. If you’re looking to get hired by the a great startup, you should know what advice they’re getting. With that, you can position yourself to be more easily be found. Over at 500startups, Ethan Bloch wrote about his strategy for finding the best talent.

He advises:

Next, you need to be where your potential candidates are and go where they hang out. Online and offline.
This means: GitHub, Dribble, Forrst, Google Groups, Meetups, Hack-a-thons, Startup Weekends.

To put this in context of using StartUpHire: you should complete a profile, and include links to any websites where your work can be found.

If you’re approached by someone at a startup, you might heed this advice:

Much of the time, you’ll find candidates [who weren’t really candidates to begin with but smart MoFo’s you happened to add to your list aren’t ready to bounce from their current job but still take a meeting cause they’re excited about meeting smart people.

Just cause they’re not ready today doesn’t mean they won’t be sometime in the 6-8 months. These seeds are golden so plant as many as you can.

While that’s directed at someone hiring for a startup, if you’re looking to be hired by a startup, you should pay attention as well. Keep in touch with anyone hiring for a startup. They may not need you today, but they may in the future. If you know the type of startup you want to be hired by, spend some time investing in those places or activity they are likely to look for talent. If you’ve applied to a job and gotten an interview and hit it off with the team, keep in touch even if they don’t hire you.

Mr. Bloch is the former CEO and co-founder of Flowtown, which was acquired by Demandforce.

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