Leave Mainstream Corporate Life Behind

EnergySavvy has a very comprehensive guide to getting hired by a startup. They include advice on everything from the search to the interview. Aside from the one thing they missed (check StartUpHire for your next job!), they pretty much hit all the highlights to help you move to a startup.

They make the excellent point that now is a great time to join a startup:

Despite (or even as a result of) the difficult economy these days, this is actually a great time to join a venture-funded or angel-funded tech startup. For the last three years, investors have been pickier than ever before in making early-stage bets on startup companies. So, when you see a startup that has raised at least some money, you can be more certain than in the past (say, in 1999) that there’s something solid there: team, business model and/or key technology.

Much like the stock market – the best time to get in is when things are grim. That way you’re positioned well when things turn around. In this economy, startups are the same.

They include tips on your resume:

Why the one-page rule for startups? The people screening resumes at large companies are recruiters – all they have to do is read resumes. The people screening resumes at startups are very likely the hiring managers (or founders) themselves. They’re busy.

Go read it, it’s all good advice. But don’t forget to come back here and find that next job.

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