Advice From A VC

David Biesel has an awesome post on when you should join a startup. Your first thought might be that joining a startup that has gotten a first or second round of investment would be your best bet. Not so, he advises.

He breaks it down like this:

I believe that there are three opportune times to join a startup:

1. As early as possible (or as you can stomach).
2. When the train has already left the station.
3. When there is a truly unique ability to learn, collaborate with specific people, or work in a special situation.

In other words, get in as early as you can in order to reap the most benefits from the risk of a startup. In fact, he even suggests you to consider founding one! If you can’t stand that, then join a startup that’s already hit its stride. You’ll get valuable experience in a startup, and later will have that air of success to trade on. Third option is a special one, and you really need to read his article to understand why.

This article was the first in a series, and the entire series is highly recommended.

Mr. Beisel is a cofounder and Partner at NextView Ventures.

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