Focus on Talent

Today’s post is as useful to the hiring manager at a startup as it is to those looking to get hired. DJ Patil has a post on TechCruch on focusing on talent. He suggests three questions a startup should be focusing on when considering a new hire. If you’re looking to get hired, you should probably be focusing on these same things, and be ready to address them.
We’ll give you the questions he asks, but you’ll need to read the article to find out why they’re important:

1. Would we be willing to do a startup with you?
2. Can you “knock the socks off” of the company in 90 days?
3. In four to six years, will you be doing something amazing?

Why should you listen to Mr. Patil? He

… is the Chief Data Scientist at Greylock Partners. Previously he was the Chief Product Officer of Color Labs. He previously worked for LinkedIn as their Chief Scientist and Chief Security Officer and eBay as their Director of Strategy, Analytics, and Product.

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