Founding a Startup: Example of a First-Time Entrepreneur

If you’re not familiar with the Lean Startup movement, Eric Ries’ Lean Startup website and Wikipedia are excellent places to get started learning about them.  If you like concrete examples as a learning tool, have we got a post for you.  Vinicius Vacanti has a revealing story about his experience launching a startup.

The Lean Startup methodology says (among other things) fail quickly, and fail often, and learn from those failures.  Mr. Vacanti begins by relating what appears to be a failure:

Two users. That’s it.

It had been a week since we had announced to friends and family our latest idea, LinkFalcon, and only two of them had bothered to try it.

I thought LinkFalcon had some real potential. It solved a real problem for me and one that I hoped others had.

Complete disaster. Failure. Six months down the drain. Back to our real jobs.

That’s what should have happened; but, thanks to the Lean Startup movement, that wasn’t the case at all. Here’s why.

Read the rest of his post to understand why it wasn’t a complete failure.  You’ll also learn that a subsequent experiment lead to a VC backed company: Yipit.

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