Founding a Startup – Finding a Co-Founder

Founding a startup isn’t easy.  One of the keys is finding a cofounder to collaborate with.  As life challenges go, it’s as challenging and important as finding a spouse if you want to start a family.  If you’re studying up on how to found a company, and how to find a co-founder, you’ll run across the term “dating”  frequently.  As Elizabeth Knopf, Co-Founder of Sorced, writes about finding her partner:

Founding a company is a marriage. You need to make sure you are going to work well together, can communicate, balance one another, and bring out the best in the other person. This is more intuitive. After a few “dates”, do you click and does it feel right?

TechCrunch has a post from Eric Eldon writing about a group that’s focused on match making between startup founders.  This post includes many other venues working to bring founders together.  The focus of the article, however, is FounderDating.  Taking a hands on approach, they screen and connect folks looking to found companies.  Their current focus is creating meetups to get potential founders together to see if they will hit it off. Because of this very focused method of working, they’re currently centered in San Francisco, New York, and Seattle, according to their upcoming events.  Perhaps some day they’ll expand to create virtual meetups as well?

Another group addressing the niche of startup founders is CoFoundersLab.  Based in Maryland, they’re also working to bring cofounders together.  They’re focus is on-line match making.  If you’re not actively looking for a co-founder, you can add your information to the site and let others find you – excellent for those who are interested in finding a new opportunity, but aren’t able to search full-time.  Their focus is currently DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Vancouver, BC.

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