Interning at a Startup

We’ll admit, we’re biased toward good articles which also mention using our site. Don Rainey wrote a post for VentureBeat some time ago about how to go about finding a startup to intern with.  We believe that good advice hasn’t changed much in the interim.  In the article he lists several places to consider looking for an opportunity:, job fairs, university technology transfer offices, and startup incubators.

Here’s the great thing:  if you really want to work as an intern for a startup, you’re going to have to find them.  Mr Rainey writes

The problem is: Startups often don’t have the resources or formal programs of larger companies to recruit interns, so candidates have to find them. And due to their smaller size and relative youth, finding the startups in your area isn’t always easy.

If you’ve made the leap to want to find a startup to intern for, chances are good you’re exactly what the startups want.  They need someone who will take ownership, who will take the initiative.  As an example, Mr. Rainey quotes Tim O’Shaugnessy of LivingSocial:

Our interns own projects on day one — we want to see if they can run with it and move the needle. We’ve hired dozens of interns, many of whom have now become some of our best managers and employees.

It’s January, and we know from history now is the time to start looking for that summer internship.  Go find them, and get going on your startup adventure.

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