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Startup America Partnership recently had an excellent post on interns.
If you’re a startup, are interns right for your startup company? They cover some major points in favor of hiring an intern:

New perspective on organizational issues.
Ease of use with technology.
It’s a trial period that could lead to something more.
Help with projects or tasks that you’re struggling to complete.

They also cover some reasons not to hire an intern, but you’ll need to read the post for that.

If you’re considering being an intern, you should read that article to get an idea what to look for when shopping around for a company at which to intern. You’ll also learn what companies are looking for when they hire one. If you’re looking for a company to intern with, there are three ways you can use StartUpHire to help you:

  1. Use the advanced search to find jobs employers have marked as for interns.
  2. Just type Intern in to a regular search on StartUpHire
  3. Fill out your profile so companies looking for an intern can find you.

As an example of the interesting jobs you can find for interns, Tesla Motors currently has a job listing for an intern in Germany.

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