ISC8 – Featured Startup

Today we’re featuring ISC8. It’s rare to find a startup which also has decades of actual experience behind them.  Starting in 1974 as Irvine Sensors Corporation, they began as a government-funded research and technology company focused on national security.  Now they’re bringing what they’ve learned to the private sector, and they need some good folks to help them make that happen.

As our forthcoming infographic will show, filling technical positions in the US is a challenge – the ratio of applicants to openings is not nearly as favorable as, say, Human Resources or Marketing.  In other words, for some types of positions it’s an employee’s market.  If you’re that type of person, we’d like to bring your attention to ISC8.  They’re doing some really cool stuff in the field of security, breaking ground in an area that’s relatively untouched by other companies. From software, to hardware, to sensors, they’re doing it all, and they are looking for experts to help make the company a success.

So, please peruse their current openings.  If you see something you might qualify for, please apply. Alternatively, if you know someone who might be interested, please let them know.

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