Linux and J.C. Penney

Sorry, this isn’t an article about how J.C. Penney is using Linux.  Instead we have two unrelated but interesting articles for you.

The first is from the Linux Foundation.  We use Ubuntu Linux here at StartUpHire, and we know that many startups begin their technical foundation using Linux.  The Linux Foundation has some great numbers on how the IT job market in the US  is improving for tech professionals.  Not directly related to startups, but we think it’s worth a read.  Once you’re done with that, and if you have experience with Linux, go apply to one of the startups who need someone with Linux experience.

Second is an article about J.C. Penney trying to reinvent themselves using many of the same methods startups use. Ron Johnson (the guy who brought the world the Apple retail stores) has this to say:

“We are rethinking everything we do,” Johnson tells The Daily Ticker’s Aaron Task in the above clip. “We’re treating our company as an $18 billion start-up.”

Granted, you could start a huge number of companies with $18 billion, but it’s certainly evidence that startups are becoming a central theme in the corporate world.

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