Silicon Valley Leading Job Growth

If you try to think of parts of the US which are synonymous with a specific industry, you’ll be able to think of a few easily: automobiles and Detroit, technology startups and Silicon Valley; perhaps a few others.  With the US coming out of its recession, it’s good to know that Silicon Valley is leading the way.

The 2012 Silicon Valley Index found job growth in the high-tech hub far outpaced the country as a whole last year. The region added 42,000 jobs, a jump of nearly 4 percent, compared with a nationwide increase of little more than 1 percent.

This according to The Washington Post. Thanks to Pando Daily for the heads up on that article.

This growth is certainly something the rest of the nation wants to emulate.  Closer to the home of StartUpHire, we have the DC Mayor giving his State of the District speech last night.  In that speech, he set this course for DC:

In fact, we want to be the tech destination city on the east coast, a rival to silicon valley for talent and fast-growing businesses. We plan to attract to the district a strong presence of mature, well-established tech companies that can bring new energy.

We wish DC all the luck in attracting new companies; Silicon Valley has set a high bar.  One we hope continues for many years to come.

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