Washington, DC as Startup Capital

We’ve written before about the area around Washington, DC being a hotbed of startups.  Today we have another article on that same topic.  Publicyte has an article by Mark Drapeau about reasons Washington may be the next startup hub.  During the recent recession, one area that remained relatively unaffected was the area around the District of Columbia, mainly due to government spending.  Perhaps because of this, the number of startups has been on the rise.  Mr. Drapeau notes:

And here the two ideas come together. If the “startup community” of Washington, DC wants to be the next great American startup hub, it will most likely not happen by “chasing Silicon Valley” and trying to emulate Stanford and Facebook and whatever else. It could happen by striving to be something unique and playing to our natural strengths.

The article has many other interesting points to make, and links to many other articles supporting his positions.  Just remember to come back to us and look for a startup job in Washington, DC.

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