Who Is Most Important at a Startup?

Today’s article comes to us from @dharmesh via @cofounderslab through Twitter.  OnStartups.com has a good article on viewing the core group of a startup as a small tribe.  John Greathouse explains:

Tribes and startups thrive when labor is efficiently divided. Long before Meyers met Briggs, people in tribal communities migrated to those roles which best suited their personalities, proclivities and skills. The key roles in tribes and startups are identical: Hunter, Skinner, Shaman, Chief and Tribal Elder.

Each member of the tribe has a significant and indispensable role to play.  Mr. Greathouse elaborates on the role played by each member, and why they are key to the success of the group.  Obviously, this really applies to startups that have reached a maturity which allows for all these roles to be filled.  Prior to that point, understanding the roles, and adjusting to fill the gaps is recommended.

As a bonus, Mr. Greathouse has created video, if you learn better from watching someone talk rather than reading.

OnStartups is a great resource for further learning about startups and for finding resources about startups.

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