Austin, No Limits!

Had so much fun at SXSW Interactive that you’re having a hard time leaving Austin, Tx? Then why not stay and check out some of the hottest startup jobs in the country.

As a born & bred Texas girl with burnt orange in her veins, I have too many reasons to list here why I love the area. Not to knock the rest of the state…Dallas, you know there’s a soft spot…but truthfully, Austin is an island of coolness amid a big block of status quo. I know the motto is “Keep Austin Weird”, but really it should be “Keep Austin Wired”. Everything from the music, to the food, to a wealth of startup opportunity makes it one of the most exciting and creative places to live/work in the country.

Clearly I’m not alone with my thinking. VC firms like Austin Ventures, with their rock star support of so many innovative startups,  have long known that tapping into the creative Austin talent pool is good for business.

It all began in the 60’s when companies like Tracor Industries, IBM and Texas Instruments began a technology boom in the area. Later, 3M, Motorola, Samsung and Dell came along and continued to mold those silicon hills. This week’s announcement that Austin is a finalist for the new Apple operations center only further solidifies the city’s reputation as a technology mecca.

In the meantime, if you blew your budget for the month getting over to SXSW, we hear that there are $5,000 signing bonuses floating around – an interesting trend given the general economic malaise being felt in most of the sectors.  This kind of news confirms what we see everyday at StartUpHire. Venture-backed companies have been one of the largest job-growth sectors this past decade. Startups are hiring!

Tell us what you think: How does Austin compare to some of the other startup hotbeds for the live/work balance?  What do you think about hiring bonuses in the sector for certain areas?

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