The Startup Ecology

Spend some time around startups, and you’ll learn about a huge range of things.  For example, you’ll learn that hiring at a startup is challenging (obviously, that’s where we come in).  You’ll learn that there are many things that go in to founding a successful startup – from the personalities of the founders, to how effectively they pivot to more productive ideas, to how they go about raising capital.  You’ll learn about the venture capital funds that allow new startups to make the leap from niche to huge market, after they’ve proven themselves.  If you go back in history, you’ll learn about many economic bubbles which were built on startups, from the dot-bomb of 2000 to railroads and other transportation startups of the turn of the century.

In other words, there’s something of interest whether you’re interested in the guy escaping big corporate culture and striking out on his own at one end, or matters of high finance and options at the other.

If you’re interested in continuing your education, we’d recommend following Eric Stromberg on twitter.  Today he posted a link to an excellent article on the current bubble in Internet venture valuations by Albert Wenger. It’s a well-reasoned argument about the state of investing in Internet-based companies, and why this bubble is based on rational bets.  The real question is, will this bubble burst, and what will the fallout be if it does?

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