Who’s creating jobs? Startups can show you!

StartUpHire, with support from the National Venture Capital Association, is releasing a new infographic today depicting 2011 hiring data for startups.  What’s the biggest take away? While most of the country is still sluggish on job creation, startups face the opposite problem- a glut of open technical jobs.

36 percent of all open jobs at startups last year were engineering or technical jobs. However, those two sectors saw only 15 percent of the overall applicant pool trying to fill those positions.  This supports evidence of an ever-tightening market for specific skills out there, and the need to keep developing and attracting qualified talent to young startup companies remains critical.

Software engineers had the largest number of open jobs last year with more than 42,000 jobs posted. Sales jobs were the only other position where applicants trailed openings- every great idea needs an equally great hustler to make it sell! This is another area that also needs focus to attract the best candidates.

Openings for finance, operations, HR and administration saw the opposite problem- combined these positions make up only 9 percent of all openings, but had over 30 percent of the applicants. Marketing positions just about broke even with 10 percent of the openings and 13 percent of the applicants.

Clearly the startup economy is the engine-that-could in these tough economic times. Data from StartUpHire’s more than 14,000 open jobs and 100,000 registered job seekers show an increase in startup job posts by more than 23 percent over the previous year. More than a quarter of those applicants expressed previous startup experience, and the number of executive level postings rose as well. More than 500 executive postings were opened last year alone on StartUpHire.

The top states with open startup positions are California, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas. Eighteen states had job growth increases of more than 100 percent last year.

I think if the country wants to know who holds the best hope for meaningful economic growth, we need look no further than our own home grown, innovative, and passionate startup ecosystem.



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