How they got the job!

Great article on Business Insider today showcasing 10 stories of creative approaches to getting an early hire at hot startups. The stories are all unique, but the common thread is that persistence pays off!  Read the story for yourself, get inspired, and then come search through our postings today and make your own move!

Have your own story of success? What’s the most creative thing you’ve ever done to get a job?



4 Responses to “How they got the job!”

  1. Peggy Thompson says:

    Link to story is busted…can’t find article on Business Insider…help! ;-)

  2. N. Powell-Palmer says:

    It is true, there are many ways to “get the job” when one is interviewing, however when interviewing I truly believe the first thing is Chemistry. After Chemistry then experience and abilities, but no matter how many degrees or how much experience you have if Chemistry is not there you would not want the job in any case. And a most important point is – stop feeling you have done something wrong . And finally I believe there is the perfect match for everyone and that requires a bit of patience as with all right matches. In the US and European culture of Instant Gratification this is the most difficult challenge especially in the US.

  3. Clare says:

    Would you be interested in taking a guest post to a UK job site?
    Many thanks,

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