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Summer is underway, and with that comes plans for travel for the majority of people.  There are many ways to get to your favorite destinations, but only one method is truly eco-friendly (not counting walking) and that’s rail travel. This week I learned that rail travel is 90% more environmentally cleaner than air travel – Boston startup Silverrail Technologies taught me that.

In the spirit of highlighting great startups that are doing some award-winning disruption, we’d like to focus your attention to Silverrail, and their 8 new open jobs this week. UI Engineer, Product Manager, Financial Controller, QA Engineer and Software Developer are just a few of the openings.

Silverrail Technologies has already won industry awards for their “Silver Core” platform and are solving some of the biggest problems with Global Rail Distribution.

If you’re interested in learning more about these great opportunities, or more about what they’re doing in their industry space, come check them out.

Have fun with your summer travels- send us some pics and tell us what you’re up to!



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