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It’s that time of the decade again – time for our democratic process to elect leaders to help make this country great, and no doubt one serious topic of discussion will be job creation. Today’s announcement however, isn’t about politics. Today’s announcement is about how you can play a small part of your own with regard to job creation, and help keep America great in the process.

When it comes to startups job creation isn’t the issue, job fulfillment is. There are tens of thousands of open positions at startups across the country and across all industries going unfulfilled in part because simply not enough of the right people know about them. So today, we’re throwing America a challenge. Help Us Fill 10,000 Startup Jobs by November by sharing a job a day. Help us get the word out about these great companies and opportunities.

Why the challenge? We know the numbers and we’ve heard some of the same things as everyone else- “There’s a shortage of talent in the right fields”, “The numbers are upside down”, “Everyone remembers the dot com meltdown- who would want to work for a startup?”- It’s enough to make the situation seem impossible, but we’re  glass-half-full kind of people here at StartUpHire. We know other numbers like the Kaufman report showing the only net job creation the past two decades came from small business, and the fact that while there are over 2500 open software engineer jobs at startups today, there are more than 350K software engineers in the country. We can help make this work!

As history has proven, “we the people” can do a lot all by ourselves when we set our minds to it. If we all pitched in to help these exciting opportunities make their way into the right In-box, Twitter feed, or on the right Facebook wall, then we could actually fill 10,000 jobs by November.  Everyone can help make a difference. Just go to the campaign site, click once to link up your account, and start sharing a job a day. It’s that simple.

Why care? The future won’t make itself.  Chances are you’re going to check Facebook, Tweet something, take a pic with Instagram, or use a mobile app at some point today. Seven years ago, none of these things would have been possible. Whether its building the social media platforms that have helped entire revolutions take place, or launching a commercial rocket to the International Space Station, American companies less than a decade old are impacting the world in some really big ways. We all benefit when startups succeed and we can help make it happen by helping them find the right talent in the shortest time.

Join some of our great partners like Startup America, the NVCA, the Huffington Post, and IdeaMensch. Help get the word out that these young exciting companies are hiring or consider working for a startup yourself. Either way you’ll be helping to reach our goal. Let’s Fill 10,000 Startup Jobs!

Have any ideas of how to help the campaign reach our goal, tell us!

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