Rockstar only, or will a solid back-up singer work?

Startups are creating jobs. Lots of jobs. They are also having a hard time filling certain positions. Even in this economy, positions can sit vacant for months at a time, and one reason is because a lot of startups think they should only hire “Rockstar” talent. ┬áThis thought process isn’t necessarily the right way to go, especially in this economic climate. There are plenty of qualified candidates – great backup singers if you will – who would make really great hires if they were viewed with a different perspective. We know, because we have tens of thousands of these candidates in our Talent Vault and talk to them every day.

Here’s a great article discussing this very trend and some truths around the “Rockstar” hiring┬áperception at startups. Does the ability to learn, adapt and grow count? You bet!

Tell us what you think about this trend.

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One Response to “Rockstar only, or will a solid back-up singer work?”

  1. John Herndon says:

    I often wonder at the misconception of hiring only from ‘A’ schools. After 23 years in Accounting, Finance, International Tax, ERP systems across all types of industries plus six years in consulting and two graduate degress I have learned that school is only a foundation and does not nor was it ever intended to replace the education of experience.

    I have learned more technical and practical skills simply by stepping into difficult situations or into areas where the ‘A’ players have shown little or no creativity in reaching a conclusion.

    I believe that school is something to use and not a means unto itself, its what you do with the results of school combined with your own unique personality and skills that make the difference.


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