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What is StartUpHire?

StartUpHire is the job site dedicated to recruiting exceptional talent to venture capital backed companies. These are some of the most rewarding careers on the planet, but they historically have been difficult to identify.

Can I advertise with StartUpHire?

StartUpHire provides broad exposure to thousands of startup employers, investors, and active professionals. To participate as a sponsor or to explore advertising opportunities, please contact us and use “advertising/sponsorships/partnering” in the dropdown menu.

What do the icons mean?

Icons are used to quickly convey information on the search results page and within a detailed job description. We use icons to denote company stage and funding information, when available.


Stage 1: Napkin = Seed Stage
Stage 2: Product Development
Stage 3: Beta Test / Clinical Trials
Stage 4: Shipping Product
Stage 5: Profitable


Less than $5 million raised
$5 and $20 million raised
$20 and $50 million raised
More than $50 million raised
Do I need sign in?

You will need to sign in to save a search, subscribe to e-mail alerts, or e-mail a job to a friend. We recommend that you remain signed in to record your activity on the Job Alerts and Job Prospects tabs.

How do I set a new password?

Select 'Sign In' then select 'Forgot Password?' You will be prompted to enter a new password which will trigger a confirmation e-mail. Clicking the link contained in this e-mail will activate your new password.

What is an e-mail alert?

E-mail alerts put your search on autopilot. Daily e-mail alerts list new jobs posted in the prior 24 hours which meet your search criteria. You receive one e-mail per day IF there are any new jobs. Weekly e-mail alerts arrive each Tuesday morning with a recap of jobs posted in the prior week meeting your criteria.

How do I configure an e-mail alert?

Perform a basic or advanced Job Search then click ‘E-mail Alert’ in the tools palette in the upper left. Give it a name, select daily or weekly, and you’re all set.

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Basic Search

The basic search interface is the default on both the homepage and the job search tab.
Can I search on multiple words?

Yes. You can enter as many search terms as you like. The results will contain all the terms you enter – a logical 'AND'. If you are looking for a specific phrase like "Java Programmer", be sure to put the phrase in quotes.

Can I exclude jobs that contain a certain word?

Yes. Put the minus sign in front of the word you wish to exclude. For instance, if you were looking for a software sales job and did not want to see any job with "consumer" in the job title or description, you might do a search like this:

    software sales -consumer
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Advanced Search

How does the Advanced Search work?

The Advanced Search allows for granular control over the search criteria, providing optimal results.

Simply select the search parameters you wish to include and designate your search terms. The search results will match all of the specified criteria – a logical 'AND' (see exception below)

A handful of search parameters can be included multiple times. These are Job Title, Job Description, Location, Company Name, Company Description, and VC Investor. This enables a single search to return jobs in multiple locations, or with any of several job titles, or at companies backed by any one of several VCs, etc. Search parameters included more than once are first treated as a logical ‘OR’ before being combined with the remaining search criteria as a logical ‘AND’. For example:

    (Location = San Francisco OR Location = Boston) AND (Industry = Software) 
    AND (VC Investor = Intel Capital OR VC Investor = Benchmark Capital)

Searching by stage, employees, or dollars raised will yield limited results at present. These are new fields which employers require time to populate.

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What is a featured job?

Get better placement and more exposure by upgrading to a featured job posting. Featured jobs are prominently displayed on StartUpHire with a border and colored background. They receive priority placement in both search results and email alerts, are featured on the homepage, include job analytics, and receive broad exposure via social media and the job aggregator sites. Featured jobs are simply the most cost-effective way to recruit.

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Venture Capital Investors

Where can I get help installing the widget?

For assistance in configuring the StartUpHire widget, please contact us.

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