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Adometry is the leading provider of ad analytics, delivering actionable insight to improve the performance of online advertising.

Web Site:
Headquarters:4301 Westbank Drive
Building A, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78746
United States
Year Founded:2006
Investors:Shasta Ventures, Sierra Ventures

About Adometry:

Adometry, Inc., is the leading provider of ad analytics and traffic quality solutions for the online advertising community. For over half a decade Adometry has led the industry in online ad verification and traffic quality management, delivering actionable insight to improve the performance of online advertising. Online advertisers, agencies, publishers, and ad networks rely on Adometry for audience verification, click quality scoring and attribution metrics to optimize online advertising results.

Deployed as hosted SaaS solutions, Adometry's offerings help to optimize online advertising campaigns by identifying sources of unwanted or underperforming traffic (such as click fraud) and scoring valid traffic based on its value to advertisers and ad networks. Adometry provides scoring, auditing, verification, and attribution metrics to optimize and improve return on ad spend. Tracking billions of impressions in real-time, reporting on where they appeared, for how long, and to what effect, Adometry's mission is to bring greater levels of transparency and accountability to the online adverting industry. The Adometry products are based on machine-learning and data mining technologies trained on a massive data set containing billions of clicks and impressions collected from hundreds of advertisers and ad networks since 2006.

Adometry is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with a development center in Redmond, WA. The company is privately held with funding from Sierra Ventures, Austin Ventures, Shasta Ventures and Stanford University.

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