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AlchemyAPI is a rapidly growing, venture-backed, Denver-based company that is working at the forefront of artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics R&D.

Web Site:
Headquarters:2300 15th St., Suite 320
Denver, CO 80202
United States
Year Founded:2005
Investors:Access Venture Partners

About AlchemyAPI:

The product of over 50 person years of engineering effort, AlchemyAPI is a text mining platform providing the most comprehensive set of semantic analysis capabilities in the natural language processing field. Used over 3 billion times every month, AlchemyAPI enables customers to perform large-scale social media monitoring, target advertisements more effectively, track influencers and sentiment within the media, automate content aggregation and recommendation, make more accurate stock trading decisions, enhance business and government intelligence systems, and create smarter applications and services.

Founded in 2005, AlchemyAPI aims to democratize artificial intelligence technology, providing advanced natural language understanding capabilities to a wide variety of businesses and computing applications. AlchemyAPI awards include "Top 20 Most Innovative Companies in Colorado" by the Colorado Technology Association and "Software Product of the Year" by the DaVinci Institute.

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