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Revolutionizing and redefining subthreshold technology, Austin-based, Ambiq Micro was established in 2010 based on research done at the University of Michigan. SPOT (Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology) platform offers real time clock (RTC) designs that deliver 7X to 40X better power consumption compared than the closest competing parts. Ambiq Micro is currently developing an innovative line of ARM-based MCUs that will be similarly disruptive. This extensive subthreshold design will significantly reduce the active and sleep power to record

Web Site:
Headquarters:303 Camp Craft Road
Austin, TX 78746
United States
Year Founded:2010
Investors:Austin Ventures

About Ambiq Micro:

Ambiq Micro is a fabless semiconductor company based in Austin, TX developing the world's most energy efficient integrated circuits. Ambiq is developing a series of ultra-low power products on its Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT-) Platform. The company's first product is the world's most energy-efficient real-time clock and has gained significant customer traction to date. The company's next product will be the first in a line of ultra-low power ARM Cortex--based microcontrollers. Key markets include smart cards, wearables, wireless sensors, smart watches, medical devices, and a wide variety of other wireless devices. Ambiq has adopted a customer-focused approach and will evolve its product line according to the needs of customers seeking to develop smaller, less expensive products with much longer battery life.

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