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We connect game-changing companies with top talent, supporting both contract and full time requirements, covering a broad spectrum of contemporary software, web and mobile needs-- and in support of highly technical, strategic and creative resources.

Web Site:
Headquarters:621 Kalamath St
Denver, CO 80204
United States
Year Founded:2001
Industry:IT Services

About BWBacon Group:

The clients who know us best know us as more than a staffing vendor for design and development-- we're a marketing partner too. We advocate their product vision and environment to a highly discerning market of resources. For ground floor start-ups, emerging product companies, and major household brand names, we're evangelists that promote their culture and attract their best talent. And that talent We are proponents of their personal brand, catalysts of their evolving career, and springboards to great new opportunities. So we are far from ordinary, we operate from a position of advocacy and conviction for those we support.

As an advocate for you and your vocation, we work to ensure effective placement to position you for your best performance. We can help you to find your next contract, project, or full time job at one of our wide range of clients who we selectively qualify.

We don't pursue being different as much as being true. We balance professionalism and execution with being loose and fun. We are 100 Scrum-certified recruiters who've turned Agile on it's head and created our own model for Agile Recruitment. We go to great lengths to embrace our clients brands as our own so we can better advocate clients with conviction to a discerning market. We prefer to foster a process of natural progression, rather than forced urgency, because we recognize the intense emotions of all parties in filling key roles. We approach problems and issues as opportunities to reaffirm the value of our partnership.
We look for companies who permeate passion for their product or service; and who respect the critical role we can play in their growth. Many clients consider us to be one of their best marketing partners-- a recruiter who goes way beyond the standard expectations and who brings life to a challenging process.

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