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Mobile real-time DNA analysis in the palm of your hand.

Web Site:
Headquarters:20 N 3rd Street
Suite 302
Philadelphia, PA 19106
United States
Year Founded:2012
Investors:Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA, DreamIt Ventures, Independence Blue Cross, Mark Cuban Companies, NextFab Studio, Penn Medicine

About Biomeme:

DNA is the code of life. Life covers every nook and cranny of this planet - even though you can't see most of it. The majority of the DNA found inside of (and on) you is not your own, but instead belongs to trillions of bacteria that use you as a home.

DNA is information but so tiny that you can't see it or handle it and, therefore, we haven't had access to this vast trove of data....

Biomeme makes products that allow anyone to access the information stored in DNA to help people make better decisions. We can identify something (like a species of fish, bacteria, virus, or genetic trait) by its specific DNA signature.

We make consumable kits that include both "sample prep" and "tests". Our sample prep allows anyone to easily isolate DNA from a variety of sample types (like blood, water, or urine) without the need for lab equipment. The tests allow you to look for specific DNA/RNA targets of interest (like Flu A or E. coli). These tests are loaded into our hardware, a mobile real time PCR thermal cycler, which is the size of a soda can and is battery powered so you can take it out of the lab. The hardware is controlled by a smartphone and intuitive mobile app. Our app is the brains of the hardware, acting as a training manual, analyzing the tests in real-time and databasing results in the cloud.

We are makers. We make hardware, we work with biological organisms, we hack smartphones. We're looking for passionate people, skilled with their hands, who have impeccable attention to detail. We are fast learners, not afraid of tackling new challenges - both big and small.

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