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As one of the few venture-backed promotional products distributorships in the industry, Boundless Network has invested in technology to transform a highly fragmented industry and create efficiencies across every aspect of the supply chain. As a result, our platform offers innovation in business process solutions directly impacting companies that purchase promotional products.

Web Site:
Headquarters:200 East Sixth Street
Suite 300
Austin, TX 78701
United States
Year Founded:2005
Industry:Business Products and Services
Investors:Austin Ventures

About Boundless Network:

Characteristics of the ideal Boundlessian:
Entrepreneurial - thrive in an unstructured environment
Fire-in-the-belly - thrive in a challenging environment
oSolve problems no-matter-what
oAlways strive to be better, do better, contribute more
Forward-thinking - start with the end in mind
oClear understanding of company vision and mission
oConstantly improving to meet tomorrows challenges
Customer focused - know thy mission
oSensitive and adaptive to customer needs
oFocused on delivering customer value
Results oriented - focused on contribution
oRecognize that only results matter
oAware of their and others contribution to company objectives
Accountable - take ownership of own failures and successes
oAddress problems directly and quickly
oAdmit mistakes, learn from them, and move on
oEffectively communicates own point of view
oListens to understand the point of view of others
oEffective, professional communicator
oAble to come up with marketing and promotional ideas for clients

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