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We believe everybody should have access to the tools and services to be actively manage their online presence.

Web Site:
Headquarters:120 Walker Street
New York, NY 10013
United States
Year Founded:2011
Industry:Consumer Products and Services

About BrandYourself:

BrandYourself empowers anyone to take control of their own online reputation. BrandYourself's flagship product makes it easy for anyone to improve search results for their own name, to ensure positive, accurate information shows up when someone Googles them. BrandYourself also offers custom online reputation management services for those with unique situations that require hands-on attention.

1. Free Do-It-Yourself Product (Free):

-- Boost 3 links about yourself higher in Google results

-- See the 3 most recent who Google you and find your profile

-- Publish a high-ranking BrandYourself profile

-- Track your first page of Google results and get alerts when results move

2. Premium Do-It-Yourself Product (8/mo):

-- Boost unlimited links about yourself higher in Google results

-- See everyone who Googles you and finds your profile

-- Apply a custom domain to your profile (like "")

-- Get Premium customer support and more recent updates

3. Concierge Services (starting at 299/mo):

-- Get a dedicated specialist who will improve your results for you

-- They'll create custom websites and profiles about you, and optimize them to rank high in search engines

-- They'll work to bury unwanted links with relevant content you control

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