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Cloud company. Security company. That's just for starters. We're an Internet of Things company, connecting hundreds of thousands of physical objects to web-based services. And, we can't be all of that without also being a Big Data company. All that intelligence needs to be stored, analyzed and presented back to customers so they can make better decisions.

Web Site:
Headquarters:7700 Old Georgetown Road
Suite 300
Bethesda, MD 20814
United States
Year Founded:1999
Industry:IT Services
Investors:Duchossois Technology Partners

About Brivo Systems:

The Brivo Online Access Control System (ACS) enables businesses to control physical access to offices, warehouses, remote/unmanned buildings, or sensitive areas such as computer rooms, where real-time control and accountability of entry are important. The company's Web-hosted solutions are based on proprietary technology that connects dispersed facilities to the Internet using secure, wide-area communications.

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