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Central Desktop's SaaS social technology platform is built for next-generation business teams that want to save time, cut costs and manage daily work activities. Delivers a 30 increase in productivity while decreasing operating costs. Easy to Use, Easy to Deploy. Key Benefits Manage People, Time, Tasks Connect Global Teams Find & Share Files 2x Faster Fast. Get Started in Minutes Accessible Anywhere Anytime Secure. Web-Based Software

Web Site:
Headquarters:129 N Hill Ave #202
Pasadena, CA 91106
United States
Year Founded:2005
Investors:OpenView Venture Partners

About Central Desktop:

Central Desktop provides affordable, easy-to-use collaboration tools for business teams, without the IT hassle.

We make it easy for teams to collaborate on projects both inside and outside the firewall without the need to download, install or configure any software.

Central Desktop is a flexible collaboration platform for your business that is perfect for managing projects, creating team intranets and group workspaces.

Central Desktop is headquartered in Pasadena, California and was founded in 2005.

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